About Us | Your Family Care Team

It takes a team to care for you and your family.

No one of us can do it alone.

Like you when you’re putting together something important, we look for the best when we’re building a team.

We look for people who know a lot, understand they don’t know it all, and always want to know more. Then we do our best to teach and develop, to educate and improve, to learn from them.

You and your family deserve a team that does more than truly care for others. That’s just the beginning. They must be committed… fully committed… to taking exceptional care of you and your family.

Caring must be effective and genuine and consistent and evenly delivered.

Service must be unique, person to person, family to family.

This is your team. They’re part of us and part of your community.

We’re proud of them.

They’re hometown friends you can rely on.

Glenn Taylor

Chairman - Glenn Family Services

President - Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory

Licensed Funeral Service Professional


Christy Taylor Chaney

Vice-President - Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory

Director of Signature Services

Licensed Funeral Service Professional


Camilla Harreld Taylor

Chief Financial Officer - Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory

Licensed Funeral Service Professional

Allan Harl, Jr

President - Owensboro Memorial Gardens

Licensed Funeral Service Professional

Bruce Chisholm

Senior Funeral Director

Licensed Funeral Service Professional


Dave Bell

Managing Director - Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory

Licensed Funeral Service Professional


Vicki Jones

General Manager - Owensboro Memorial Gardens


Glenn Taylor, Jr.

Licensed Funeral Service Professional


Marty Hicks

Licensed Funeral Service Professional


Betty Medley Wallace

Coordinator of Grief Support and Community Care

Director - The Days to Come

Licensed Social Worker


David Owens

Level II Funeral Service Apprentice


Marc Ray

Level II Funeral Service Apprentice


Jody Dysinger

Operations Secretary - Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory


Sandra Vanover

Family Benefits Specialist

Administrative Assistant


Hilary Clark

Licensed Funeral Service Professional

PreArrangement Specialist


Rich Miller

Funeral Service Apprentice


Kevin Tudor

Facility Superintendent


900 Old Hartford Road | Owensboro, KY 42303