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Services with Cremation



You may choose services with cremation which include a visitation and viewing, providing a time for family, friends, and community to gather for support, care, and remembrance. The visitation can be highly personalized to include the incorporation of memorabilia reflective of the life lived. As the area’s exclusive provider of Meaningful Farewells, you will find us very well prepared to provide uniquely personal tributes honoring the stories of a lifetime.

You may choose to have the very same visitation take place following cremation.

You may choose to have no visitation.

Regardless of your choice, you have the opportunity for private family leave taking.


The milestones of life, including birth, baptism, birthdays, graduations, marriages, and other events of achievement or transition, have traditionally been accompanied by ceremony or ritual. A funeral or memorial service is the ceremony marking the end of life. It may take place in your church, our chapel, or another location of your choice.

A ceremony with cremation may take place before or after the cremation. Or you may decide to have no ceremony. The choice is yours.


You will wish to give careful thought to where the cremated remains will be ultimately placed. Often, cremated remains are buried in a cemetery or placed into a niche within a facility specifically designed for that purpose. In either case, you may choose to have a service of committal, sometimes referred to as a “graveside” service.

You may wish to keep the cremated remains. You should give consideration to what ultimately becomes of them in the generations to come.

Owensboro Memorial Gardens offers a wide range of affordable burial and niche selections.

Your Way

The visitation, the ceremony, and the committal are the most frequent components of services with cremation. You have the choice and we have the ability to change, reorder, or adapt them to meet the very specific wishes of you and your family. If you think it’s important, so do we.


You will find our professionals are very well qualified and equally committed to providing exceptional care for you and your family. You should not have to concern yourself with coordinating participants or seeing to what may seem to be countless details. Instead, leave it to us; hometown friends you can rely on.

At Glenn Family Services, we have operated our own crematory for more than 35 years. The one about whom you care does not leave our care. Located on site at Owensboro Memorial Gardens, our new Cremation Center is the area’s first and only facility specifically designed for cremation. The comfortable surroundings provide the opportunity to accommodate witnessed and participatory cremations.

Before the Need Arises

You’ve lived life well. Plan to leave well. By planning ahead you can make that time easier for the people you care about. A bit of your time is the only investment required. Talk with us.

Plan Well. Leave Well.

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