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Glenn Funeral Home Charges

Your choices of services and merchandise determine our charges.


Just what does that mean?


Good question.


The services you select are most often made up of


  • Professional, technical, and staff services
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Transportation


The merchandise you select most often is


  • For burial
    • A casket
    • A vault or other outer enclosure
    • Printed memorial material


  • For cremation
    • A container for the cremation itself
    • A container for the cremated remains
    • Printed memorial material if there is to be a gathering and ceremony


Put them together, your choices of services and merchandise, and you have our charges.


Simplicity and savings are good things. You’ll find our service packages make your choices simpler and, when chosen along with our merchandise, result in significant savings.


No one likes surprises. You will be provided with a listing of the services and merchandise we offer and their costs, which we’ll explain to you before you make choices or decisions.


The Charges of Others

In fairness, as you make choices you should take into consideration other expenses which may include


  • Cemetery fees
  • Newspaper notices
  • Flowers
  • What you may choose to offer your pastor or other participants
  • Certified copies of the death certificate


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