What We Do | PreArrangement


Live Well. Plan Well. Leave Well.
Live Well. Leave Well.
Plan Well.
Leave Well.

It’s remarkable how something so simple can become so complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way and you’ll find that here, it isn’t.


Funeral planning before the need arises is a straight-forward process that requires nothing more than your willingness to invest a bit of your time.


And it provides the luxury of time; time to think it over, discuss it with your family, a friend, your trusted advisors.


You’ll find our planning specialists to be knowledgeable professionals who are fully committed to our policies of straight talk, honest information, direct answers, and never ever any pressure. Never. Ever.


Must you pay for your plans in advance? Absolutely not.


May you pay for your plans in advance? Most certainly.


Like everything here, it’s up to you.


Our attitude is clear.


If you’re pleased, we’re pleased.


It’s good when everyone is pleased.


Simple as that.

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