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The Days to Come

The gathering . . . that time when family and community join together to acknowledge loss and offer support.


The ceremony . . . the ritual of leave taking in all its many forms.


Both time honored traditions that have served society well . . . family after family . . . generation after generation.


But what of the days to come?


How do you prepare for them?


How do you realize a new normal?


We believe our commitment, our care, our service can . . . and should . . . carry into the days to come.


We’re very proud of having been the first organization in Daviess County of any type to offer structured programming for working with grief.


Grief is a journey to a new place, not a place in which to dwell.


While no one can take the journey for you, you can have company; the company of those on a similar journey as well as those who can help show you a path.


The Days to Come is our special program administered by Betty Medley, a credentialed social worker and full time member of the Glenn Family Services team.


Participation is not limited to those served by Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory. If you need help, we’re here to offer it.


You’ll find a variety of programs designed to help.


You may wish to talk with Betty personally.


You may find it helpful to join in conversation with others who have experienced the death of a husband, a wife, a life partner.


Those who have lost a child, regardless of age, may find support with this special group.


Teens are not immune to grief. Being with peers who’ve had similar experiences may help.


Children grieve as well. Our program carefully helps children understand they’re not alone.


Social events

You may wish to take part in our seasonal themed luncheons.
You may find camaraderie in our senior networking program.
You may wish to spend the day with us on excursions to regional sites of interest.




Reading resources

You may review or download online articles by Dr. Alan Wolfelt
You may borrow selected books from our in-house library.


You’ll find it easy to take part. Just call Betty Medley at 270-683-1505 or send her an email at bmedley@glennfuneralhome.com.


You can be assured. Glenn Family Services never, ever confuses continuing care with sales of any kind. Never. Ever. It’s not the right thing to do. It’s not allowed. You have our promise.


Simple as that.

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