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    You are always welcome in our home. At Glenn Funeral Home you, your family and your friends are our guests. Honored guests, regardless of who you are or what your beliefs. As your hosts, we are here to welcome you and care for you to the very best of our ability. You have our promise.

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It’s so much more than words in the obituary.

It’s reading between the lines to craft uniquely personal tributes honoring the stories of a lifetime.

Let us help tell your story

Plan well

It’s remarkable how something so simple can become so complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way and you’ll find that here, it isn’t.

Honor Well

We are pleased to be the area’s exclusive providers of Meaningful Farewells™, uniquely personal tributes honoring the stories of a lifetime.

Remember Well

You can be confident that Owensboro Memorial Gardens values highly its heritage and its role as caretakers of your family’s memories.


Owensboro Memorial Gardens


There’s a difference in cemeteries. You owe it to yourself to know.

We honor our heritage. There are good reasons you should make it yours.



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